foggyfathoms yardhaunt!

foggyfathoms yardhaunt!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


  buzzards roost!
FOGGYFATHOMS will be bigger than ever.several new ideas for the yard this year plus some of the same .the ELIZABETH DANE will be back.also the zombie baby day daycare,the new and creepier mad scientist lab,the reaper of souls cemetery,the night of the living dead zombies,season of the witch,the spiders lair and more.this year the interior of foggyfathoms house will be decorated for the get ready for the fog to roll in!
well another year is coming up,and the ghost of antioch bay will rise again.....beware of whats in the fog!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

well last night was a blast! we were only expecting a handful of folks to come and had around 50 show up! alot had been to some fall festivals and were dressed up so i went to handing out candy! halloween early! tonight im looking for more folks to come! i also got to start taking pics!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2011 foggyfathoms is up and sailing!

its been a rough year at foggyfathoms but its worth the wait! the ELIZABETH DANE GHOSTSHIP is here.theres the season of the witch gathering,jasons tool shed,michael myers,pinhead and ghost face.theres a haunted bbq,spiders lair,and of course the mad lab and this year is the soul of reapers cemetery,gravedigger cemetery,night of the living dead zombies,zombie baby daycareand a new grim reaper sentinal entrance.2011 pics will be coming soon!!!!! happy halloween!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

winds on the high seas!

its a great rainy and windy day to be on the high seas at foggyfathoms! this year theres going to be many changes at ANTIOCH BAY! THE CREW OF THE ELIZABETH DANE WILL STILL BE RISING UP FROM THE DEPTHS! WHEN THE FOG ROLLS IN,THE TERROR BEGINS!  be sure and check out for upcoming info.the site is still being designed so stay tuned!